Millennials are Killing Divorce, Babies Born with Syphilis, & Unicorns

World’s largest science society stripping honors from scientists who are found to be harassers. Lack of sex ed means lack of understanding of consent. No jail time for the man who pleased guilty to strangling and sexually assaulting woman. Navigating consent in orgies.  The surprising role of the clergy in abortion rights before Roe. A timeline of sex work in history. How to properly clean sex toys. Kavanaugh’s upsetting history of responses to abortion.

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Celebrate Shel Silverstein’s birthday by re-reading the genius work The Missing Piece Meets the Big O. Science finds toxic masculinity– not alcohol- causes sexual assault. Birth control and intellectual disabilities. Millennials are killing divorce. Record number of babies born with syphilis. Men are defending Kavanaugh because they’re afraid for themselves. “I’m the ‘unicorn’ in a three-person relationship.” McDonald’s workers take part in strike about sexual harassment.

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One thought on “Millennials are Killing Divorce, Babies Born with Syphilis, & Unicorns

  1. “Millennials are Killing Divorce, Babies Born with Syphilis, & Unicorns”
    I don’t see any references to this headline. Is there supposed to be some discussion — or is this just a throwaway teaser headline merely to attract attention?

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