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Tampon Tax, Glitter Pumpkin Butts, & Fauxcest P0rn

An argument for keeping your relationship offline. Are you man enough to combat rape culture? Sex workers pioneered the early internet, which has totally turned on them. Australia gets rid of tampon tax and may soon eradicate cervical cancer. On allegations: belief and proof. Powerful photos from the March for Black Women. The criminalization of abortion began as a business tactic. Learning from the Dutch about teaching kids about consent.

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Glitter pumpkin butts are a thing. Why it’s so hard to bring #MeToo to porn. Switzerland votes to make homophobia and transphobia illegal. Hip science media has a gender essentialism problem. Bree Mills and feminist fauxcest porn. Missouri is down to one abortion clinic. For trump fans, cruelty is the point. Artwork of menstruating Durga lands artist in trouble. How survivors are doing in the wake of the Kavanaugh hearings?

Hat tip to Grant, Anne, Darryl!

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