Apologies to Megan Fox, HPV Vaccine Approved Up to Age 45, & How Orgasm Faces Differ

How to reconcile masculinity and toxicity of our culture. We still owe an apology to Megan Fox. 55 fictional witches, ranked by lesbianism. An illustrated guide to collaring. How to take the perfect thirst trap pics. Finding beauty in the “gross” parts of sex. Beginner’s guide to anal. Dating has always been work. Finding atonement in the #MeToo era. How does Iceland deal with gender equality?  2018 Nobel Peace prize for activists fighting sexual violence.

non monogamy.jpgSupport Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member. DTF is back TONIGHT with a special guest co-host on October 12th! Take my workshop on non-monogamy Oct 13th at Passional. Get tix now for the October 19th episode of Do Both: the show that combines TEDx talks and burlesque. Sign up now for the weekend-long Sexual Being intensive.

HPV vaccine expanded to people up to age 45. Trans student barred from locker room during school safety drill. Social media accounts that talk about LGBT history. I was on the Weird Is the New Black podcast again, talking feminism, Kavanaugh, masculinity and more. What does restorative justice for sexual assault really look like? Inspiring tweets on #NationalComingOutDay. Unique challenges for coming out faced by bi women.   The morning after pill saves $6.2 million a year. How orgasm faces differ by culture.

Hat tip to Griff, Anne!

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