“Growing Up Evangelical Ruined My Sex Life,” the Birth Control that Went Extinct, & Raising Boys Who Don’t Assault

Silphium: the herbal contraceptive that was so popular it was harvested to extinction. Talking to your children about abortion. Males who take care of infants have more reproductive success. British MP wants to make buying sex illegal. Science is increasingly disproving myths about women’s sexuality. How to raise boys who don’t commit sexual assault. HPV vaccine does not increase odds of risky sex.

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Growing up Evangelical and the long term sexual consequences. It has been legal for police to have sex with people in custody-now being reconsidered. Having sex with an ileostomy bag. Do you experience post-coital blues? Why won’t Hillary Clinton acknowledge Bill’s affair with Monica Lewinsky was an abuse of power? PA legislature’s security force has problems with sexual harassment. Stormy Daniels doesn’t want to be a hero. Brothel owner-turned politician Dennis Hof dead at 72.

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