Polyamory and Masculinity- a Conversation with Dr Alex Bove

alex boveWe have had the incredible Dr Alex Bove on the show before to to talk about re-imagining masculinity outside the narrow strictures of how our society defines manliness. Young men are realizing that the old school gender norms aren’t serving them but there’s no clear guideline for being a good man in 2018.

Now we have him back to talk about the subject of his dissertation- men’s relationships with metamours (their partners’ partners) in polyamory- and his other work, including the Talk Like a Man project. He gives his take on incels, the internet and a whole lot more!

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One thought on “Polyamory and Masculinity- a Conversation with Dr Alex Bove

  1. My metamour recently died and it was an amazing realization in what our group dynamic really was. Frankly, I am tired of poly articles always emphasizing sex, and I appreciated your perspective on the benefits of eliminating posession and competition in relationships. What was beautiful about our group relationship was not primarily sex, but an abundance of love, caring, respect and support. How can we get the emphasis of poly on what is…putting joy in the center of our lives …and get THAT in the headlines and the first 15 minutes of the conversation.

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