Ethiopia’s First Woman President, State Dept to Ban “Sexual Health,” & Google Walkout

Ways to make classrooms more inclusive.  Get your personalized voter’s guide from Planned Parenthood! Ethiopia elects first woman President.  Republicans vs Democrats on fantasies. Every day can be a horror story if you tell it right. Trump admin to move more money from comprehensive to abstinence-only education. Researchers processed 109 hours of BJ porn to develop an AI sex toy. I was interviewed for this piece on different terms used for sexual orientation. The Godfather of Gay Studies on the course of the movement. Baby born with syphilis in Australia for the first time in 18 years.

honeygasm nov 4 2018

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Trump’s State Department to ban the term “sexual health.” Google employees engage in walkout over sexual harassment and abuse. Truvada is making a real impact on HIV. North Korean women on #MeToo. 3 false ideas that anchor anti-trans attacks. POC make up half of the LGBT representation on TV! In Allegheny county, people arrested with cell phones are charged for “possessing instruments of crime.”

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