Going Flat After Cancer,More Reasons to Vote, & Skipping Surgery on Intersex Kids

More breast cancer patients choosing to go flat. Good governing means giving women more birth control options. VT women strip down for get out the vote campaign. Trump is still trying to take away birth control mandate from health care, despite courts. Florida mayor solicited sex for speed bumps. State Department memos reveal administration’s plans to scale back women’s rights.

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Why more parents of intersex kids are skipping surgery. When women got pills for hysteria and other bad advice. Textbooks need to be updated about birth canals.  Same-sex couple carries same baby, calls experience “priceless.” What to do about painful sex. Examples of how to dirty talk. “We’re in love but we don’t have sex.” What’s the impact when doctors can’t talk about abortion legally?

Hat tip to Heather, Griff!

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