Trans-friendly Lingerie, Biphobia is Harmful, & Who Practices Polyamory?

Is it normal for your period to be late? How women deal with sexual pain when doctors won’t listen. Post-breast cancer option: hyper realistic nipple tattoos. Sex has never been binary. Things you should know about sex in the water. Cleveland’s untested rape kits. Woman claiming to have had sex with ghosts is now engaged to a spirit. 8 trans-friendly lingerie brands to support instead of Victoria’s Secret. Teenage girl’s underwear used as evidence against her in rape case.

diabolique.jpgSupport Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member. Sign up now for the weekend-long Sexual Being intensive. Diabolique Ball, the annual charity fetish event, is this Saturday! 6SEX6, the all metal burlesque is slaying Tuesday 11/27. Agitated, the all politics drag/burlesque/theater experience is Wednesday 11/28.

People are going to sell sex in driver-less cars. We know biphobia is harmful, but what is behind it? Gender variance around the world and over time. Kyrsten Sinema wins to become first female Senator from Arizona and first open bisexual. Victorian doctors, myths about vibrators and the far weirder truth. What percent of americans think they are struggling with compulsive sexual behavior? Conversion therapy survivor recalls his experience. Who practices polyamory? Fewer parents are objecting to HPV vaccine.

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