Respectful Flirtation, Forced Sterilization, & Duck Penises and the Patriarchy

Wisconsin University invites Nina Hartley to speak and then cowers and undoes all the good. 5 things you need to know about hiring escorts. Forced sterilization of indigenous women is still happening. Five steps to respectful flirtation. Krieger in real life: Man marries hologram. Primary doctors aren’t doing enough to fight STI spread.  Oldie but goodie: duck penises and patriarchy.

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Ohio considers total abortion ban, with possible life in prison or death penalty for doctor and pregnant person. Remembering the little girl who was hounded out of Australia for being HIV positive. Betsy DeVos wants to roll back civil rights for students who are sexually harassed or assaulted. Why is there a soaring maternal death rate? Sex work is about finding your niche and upselling. Online birth control is safe and often the only option. Serbia gets its own penis statue.

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