Emotional Side of Camming, Ditch Your Sexist Friends, & Monogamy is Actually Harder for Women

What are the best porn sites for women? Like most mass shootings, Chicago hospital murders start with domestic violence. Sex is not the problem with sex work. Is illegal for your boss to make you wear a bra at work? Chinese writer sentenced to 10 years for homoerotic scenes in books. Want to be an ally to women? Ditch your scumbag friends. Women do almost all the work of preparing to have kids, who ultimately won’t have their last names.

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Gender differences in group sex fantasy and experience. Why don’t millennials have more sex?The emotional side of camming. Reevaluating patriarchy in pop music and romantic songs. People are consistently inconsistent in approaches to science controversies. I was on The Philly Blunttalking about being polyamorous. Monogamy is probably harder for women than men. Ban on female genital mutilation ruled unconstitutional.

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