Trans Body Builders, CatCalling is Like Panhandling, & the Bad Sex Awards

Taiwan rejects same-sex marriage referendum. Film about trans body builders. Panhandling as an analogy for why catcalling sucks. The slut-shaming myths created by Catherine the Great’s enemies. South Korean women face pressure to wear makeup and get plastic surgery. Dad’s sweet comics that promote equality and empathy. Women march in Dublin protesting how rape survivor’s underwear was used as evidence against her.

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Gynecologist allowed to continue to work despite having asked out patient after an exam. Advice about crush on trans girl is adorable. College student ends school’s sexist sports bra ban. Closing sexual health centers despite syphilis rise. Chick Fil A doesn’t want their anti-gay activism to affect their brand. The 2018 Bad Sex Awards in quotes. Why did that Michigan judge dismiss the female genital mutilation case?

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