Punk Lust, Dadaism’s Free Love, & RIP Tumblr

Should we drop the LGBT and go with Q? Anti-abortion advocates force HHS to shut down promising HIV research. Having kids leads to a small, but significant increased cancer risk. Why I find safer sex with men more difficult than with women. Questions about sexuality and gender will be on 2021 UK census. A very short history of sexualityPunk lust and a musical revolution.

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Matter-of-fact queerness in 2018 movies. Asexual, bicurious and other labels people are using to describe themselves. Icons on the outfits that defined their queerness. LGBT artists whokilled it 2018. Bisexuals face double discrimination. Spain decides lack of consent is rape, legally. Appeals court upholds birth control mandate, despite Trump. Longread: How free is free love? RIP, Tumblr porn, we hardly knew ye. Sexual content bans are dog whistles for conservativism. Janet Jackson’s Hall of Fame induction is long overdue.

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