Bisexual Christmas Movie, Testicle Festival, & Pansexual is the Word of the Year

Women with a stronger sense of smell have more orgasms. “I didn’t cry for 19 years”- on men and showing emotion. School admin harasses trans student in the bathroom. The most valuable thing we can do for children of divorce. What has Amber Hikes accomplished at the Office of LGBT Affairs? Life Size 2: the bisexual Christmas movie of your dreams. US tries to take reproductive health out of resolution to prevent violence against women. I was on Dollars and Change, a radio show based out of Wharton Business School, talking about sex worker rights and legislation that hurts the very people it claims to help.

Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member. Honeygasm Sunday: the wildest and weirdest burlesque variety pack is celebrating Flirt Vonnegut’s birthday January 6th. DTF the greatest sex ed/comedy/game show is 01/11 —with special guests Absurdist Words and Shannon Fahey! Get your tix now to the next Do Both on 01/25: the show that combines lightning talks and burlesque, by the same people.

New album of “clean” lovemaking music for Christians. The 25th annual testicle festival. Raising boys in a culture in an ecosystem that prizes alphas. Is there truth to the U-Hauling stereotype of queer women? Trump administration defies court order by pushing abstinence for kids’ education. Pansexual is Merriam Webster’s word of the year. How to have better relationships in 2019. Good news: Ohio heartbill bill fails to become law. Who was Sappho? Merkins were apparently a thing in 2018 fashion. Broken heart syndrome is real. Why are women rescued from Boko Haram going back to their captors? Malawi chief breaks up child marriages and sends girls back to school.

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