Tax-Free Tampons, Songs for Fetuses, & Woman in Vegetative State Gives Birth

What horrible things did we do to our penises last year? Korean women’s rights activists condemn investigations into abortions. Legalizing gay sex in India is not a western idea. Menstrual products will now be tax-free in South Africa. Second oldest women’s college in US now admitting trans students. Professor who put Brock Turner’s face in a textbook definition of rape. Elections, films help effort to ban harmful conversion therapy. Smart phones are skewing young Indians ideas of sex.

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Meet the Thai woman behind the bar run entirely by sex workers. Strippers fighting to keep their real names private. The gender pay gap starts in childhood, is affected by parenting. A fake nude of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was debunked by a foot fetishist site. Regain your confidence in dating if 2018 was a letdown. Is estrogen a component in later onset schizophrenia among women? Legal abortions begin in Ireland. Madonna’s interviews in the 1990s on sexuality are still relevant today. Lesbians and the art of the casual hook up. Police investigating after women in vegetative state gives birth.  Implicit attitudes towards race, sexuality, etc can change over time. Babypod plays tunes for your fetus. Men used to be arrested for toplessness on the beach.

Hat tip to Cassy, Darryl, Anne, Abigail, Jaime!

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