Why Guys Send Dick Pics, The Woman Who Sent 159,000 Texts After One Date, & More!

What makes men send dick pics? Electronics show revokes award for university-designed sex toy for women. Arizona woman sends almost 160,000 texts to man after first date. APA links hegemonic masculinity with homophobia, misogyny and negative mental health for men. Child bride survivor changes Florida marriage law. Evangelicals want LGBTQ removed from groups protected by anti-lynching law. Trump’s war on trafficking is really a war on immigrants.

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Aaron Phillip is the first Black, disabled and trans model to sign with a major agency. Sex positivity is at a new high, but people are having less sex. Two cis women charged with assaulting trans woman in a bar bathroom. Ear condition makes woman unable to hear men’s voices. Facing legal action, insurer will now cover Truvada. How tattoos saved Indonesian women from sex slavery during WWII. The still-misunderstood shape of the clitoris.

Hat tip to Shannon, Darryl, Erica, Rachel!

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