The Devil’s Teat, Governor’s “First Partner,” and Gillette’s New Ad

The Devil’s Teat: a brief history of the clitoris. Vatican approves hysterectomies if your uterus isn’t “suitable for procreation.” Of all the gender issues at work, men are most concerned with false harassment claims from women. What do our nipples say about our health and evolution as a species? Does your clitoris change after pregnancy? Netflix’s “Sex Education” treats teens as more than stereotypes of walking hormones.  California Governor’s wife to go by “first partner.”

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Bulgaria’s solution to gender diversity in tech. Trump’s attempt to let employers deny birth control coverage to employees gets blocked, nationwide. Louis CK, R Kelly and the blurring of work. Why so many ignored the R Kelly warnings for so long. Gay persecution reports continue in Chechnya. How to get ready for the annual Womens March. Check out the new long-acting contraceptive patch. Gillette’s new ad takes on masculinity in the modern era.

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