#Januhairy, Gender Anarchy, & Restaurant Bans Women Eating Alone at the Bar

Karen Pence is working at a school that’s super backwards on LGBT issues. Women ditch their razors for #januhairy. Child brides are still a problem in the US. Woman and 2 kids die in Nepalese menstruation hut. When a millionaire married a teen and sparked objections to child brides. The joy of being a woman in her 70s. NC domestic violence laws still discriminate against LGBT. Sex Raft: How a 70s science project descended into violent chaos. UK drops demand women in forced marriages pay for rescue. Is it gender anarchy to put a baby daughter in dino overalls? The quiet feminism of Maire Kondo’s tidying.

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Here’s what the Gillian Anderson character you’re most attracted to says about you. Man injects semen into his arm to treat pain; it doesn’t work. Michael Cohen used Trump money to run Twitter account of women claiming to be his fanbase. Your flaws are probably more attractive than you think they are. NBA’s Reggie Bullock opens up about losing his trans sister to murder. 5 international fetish title holders on the state of their community. Upper East Side restaurant bans women eating at the bar alone. After the purge of adult content on Tumblr, alt-right content is soaring. The club where you bare your soul to strangers.

Hat tip to Erica, Anne, Susan, Rachel!

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