Trans Military Ban, Alternative Limb Project, & How the Pope Influenced Birth Control Pills

What does socialism have to do with sex? In California gender can no longer be used as a factor in car insurance rates. SCOTUS upholds transgender military ban. We need more support for postpartum depression. NY is the 15th state to ban conversion therapy. The troubling thing about the “fit mom” Instagram community. The Alternative Limb Project shows gorgeous options for prosthetics. A day in the life of an abortion doula. Lawmaker wants to tax porn users to pay for border wall. Roe v Wade turns 46. How the pope influenced birth control pills.

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Yes, you can a feminist and into BDSM. More people are choosing travel over house-buying and kids. The story of a 4 year old trapped in a teenager’s body. Meet a professional cuddler. Girl Scouts reject $100,000 donation because they support trans rights. Incel threatened to shoot as many girls as possible at Womens March. “everyone I date finds the right one after we break up.” My latest for Philly Weekly is on the wildly inconsistent and dangerous new community guidelines for FB.  What trans men know about sexism. Dame sex toys denied ability to advertise on the MTA. Why sex workers won’t support Kamala Harris in 2020.

Hat tip to Heather, Anne, Adam!

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