Gay Priests, Asexual Romance, & the L Word is Back

Where to go now that Tumblr is useless. The president of Planned Parenthood talks about her experiences with cervical cancer. The speculum finally gets a redesign. Incarcerated trans women matter: concerns about Kamala Harris’ LGBT record. New film showcases sexuality and love among disabled folks. The Fathers Project imagines a world where HIV/AIDS never happened. The future for gay priests. A brief history of gender theory. What are asexual people’s romantic lives like? How can you tell if you’re cis and butch or nonbinary? Why oral sex can be a trigger for survivors of assault.

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Why you should get a prenup. What do you see in this grid of pubic hair? What to read when you’re queer and expecting. Queering the vote. Trump administration does nothing as Chechnya disappears LGBT people. LGBT Navajos discover allies in their grandparents. The L Word is officially coming back. Man buys far-right website and makes it home for furry dating. Prominent conversion therapy advocate comes out as gay, apologizes. Mississippi introduces bill protecting teachers who purposefully misgender students.

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