James Deen is Somehow Back, Botched Labiaplasties, & Nevada’s Majority-Women Legislature

My latest for Philly Weekly is on Trump’s ban on transgender people in the military. Somehow James Deen is back, despite multiple rape allegations. Doctors’ ignorance of vulvas is leaving women with botched labiaplasties. Social media sites are deleting sex workers out of existence. Omaha teen leads support group for sexual assault survivors. Poster uses lemons to give warning signs of breast cancer. Gay men were targeted by a serial killer in Toronto for years- now the murderer has finally confessed.

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Should pads and tampons be free in schools? What happens to kids who witness domestic violence? The exhibition of clothes warn by rape survivors that disproves myths. NSAA to create girls wrestling in 2019. Planned Parenthood became a bastion of queer women’s healthcare since so many doctors don’t give sexual health screenings to women who have sex with women. Experts talk about the challenge of interracial dating relationships. No US state legislature has been majority women– until now.

Hat tip to Mike!

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