4-Time Divorcee Legislator Proposes Abortion Ban, Ending HIV by 2030, and the Period Emoji

Far-right Texas legislator and 4 time divorcee proposes total ban on abortion. Could we end HIV by 2030? What to do about a meddling in-law who convinced a husband to change a child’s name while the mom was out from a C section? SCOTUS narrowly defeats law that would extremely restrict abortion in Louisiana. Another Catholic church sex scandal: the abuse of nuns and their forced abortions. How FOSTA SESTA has made life more dangerous for sex workers and increased trafficking. Pragmatics of speech and sexual communication.

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We’re getting a period emoji, sort of. How did British feminism become so anti-Trans? Mexican scientist cures HPV? Kenyan community activists fighting female genital mutilation. Indian man sues parents because he didn’t consent to be born– interesting argument in a world where women seeking abortion are told they must give birth for the sake of the potential human.

Hat tip to Ben, Jeff, Anne!

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