Penis Disorders Increasing, Colorado Bans Abstinence-Only Ed, & Pillows for Spooning

Disorders of penis development are on the rise and we don’t know why. Woman protesting for equal rights gets jailed for bared chest. Colorado posed to ban abstinence-only sex ed. What it’s like to get a later abortion. Trans man moves to Colorado for a better life, finds healthcare discrimination from his employer.

I’ll be at the Franklin Institute for an event all about love and lust TONIGHT Tuesday. Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member. 6SEX6, the all metal burlesque is slaying Tuesday 02/26. Agitated, the all politics drag/burlesque/theater experience is Wednesday 02/27 and only has 2 more shows left. Honeygasm Sunday: the wildest and weirdest burlesque variety pack is March 3rd. Check out Do Both, the show that combines lightning talks and burlesque on its tour of NYC, NOLA, Boston, Philly and more!

A pillow designed for spooning. A reimagined Spark Purity test for today. Michigan governor won’t stand for sexist comments about her attire. NY legislators call for decriminalization of sex work. Former Trump staffer says he kissed her without consent. New coalition to fight for sex workers rights in NY. Making consensual non-monogamy work.

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