Defunding Planned Parenthood, Argentine 11 year old’s C Section, & Nonbinary Passports

Is Kamala Harris shifting her position on sex work? Trump goes after Planned Parenthood funding, endangering millions of Americans. “I don’t regret not having kids.” Rainbow textile art. UK expands sex education, despite some protest from parents. Argentine 11 year old’s C section sparks new abortion access debate.  FB under fire over report it knows when users are having their periods. The guy who mansplained vulvas to a gynecologist is BAAACK. Accused Philly serial rapist has HIV.

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Couple creates infertility announcements to bring humor to the issue. University of Michigan expanded its rules against faculty-student relationships. Emma Thompson quits film after studio hires exec accused of sexual harassment. Federal court orders State Department to issue first nonbinary passport. Methodist Church on the edge of breakup over LGBT inclusion. Beautiful x-ray portraits of couples. Thousands of migrant children were sexually abused in US custody, documents say.

Hat tip to Darryl, Anne!

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