2nd Person Cured of HIV, Slander of Mary Magdalene, & Victoria’s Secret Closing 50 Stores

Key questions after second patient is cured of HIV.  Woman cyclist forced to stop race after catching up with men. Boyfriend sues against girlfriend who got abortion, court recognizes aborted fetus as person with legal rights. Trump’s White House keeps not inviting champion women’s teams to visit. A bill to decriminalize teen sexting leads to hilarious yelling about anal sex at the legislature. The scientist who helped propel #MeTooSTEM is now fighting for her career.

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She wasn’t actually a sex worker: the history of how the role of Mary Magdalene was downplayed by early church leaders. Colorado wrestler knocks self out of tournament rather than wrestle a girl.  The sports hijab has people debating the veil again. Why are American women dying in childbirth at such horrific rates? Victoria’s Secret, known for transphobia and fatphobia, is closing 50 stores. Recognition for Indonesia’s fifth gender might soon disappear.

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