Idaha Keeps Child Marriage, Couple Proposes Simultaneously, & the Clitoris Video Game

New York passes revenge porn law. English hospitals to provide sanitary products to patients for free. Florida House speaker refers to pregnant women as “host bodies” 5 times in interview on anti-abortion bill. Republican- controlled Idaho legislator blocks bill to end child marriage. Pregnancy discrimination has been illegal for 40 years but is still rampant. Adorable couple surprise each other by proposing at the same time. Why women say “text me when you get home.”

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Parents of dead West Point cadet fight to retrieve his sperm. Amnesty International finds a pervasive rape culture in Denmark. Kids who accidentally drew inappropriate things. Dean resigns after Rider University rejects Chik-Fil-A franchise. Canadian developers create clitoris-oriented game. Trip Advisor tells woman to leave first-person review of her sexual assault. Science says don’t wait to have fun. Autosexuals are attracted to themselves.

Hat tip to Rachel, Anne, Darryl!

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