Florida Cop Uses Database as Dating Service, Weed Increases Sperm, & Tucker Carlson is a Creep

Florida cop used police database as dating service and called 150 women. Trans man told he couldn’t get pregnant welcomes son. The first woman to swim the English channel broke the existing time record by hours. Virgin Atlantic flights will no longer require female flight attendants to wear makeup.  Does marijuana increase sperm concentration? $38 million grant to test backlog of rape kits. Tucker Carlson is a total creep. Use of PrEP increases among gay and bi men. Photos of trans women depicted as saints. Trans troops respond to new military ban.

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 Italy outraged as court finds victim “too ugly to be raped.” The problematic history of the contraceptive pill. Denying kids sex education is dangerous. GA legislator introduces satirical testicular bill of rights. Kentucky just effectively banned abortion. I’m going to be a part of an all-women podcast festival this year. There’s a GoPro for your dick now. Woman has stroke during orgasm. Sober queer spaces. The dominatrix- gentrification battle. A homegrown Pakistani feminist revolution.

Hat tip to Dana, Darryl and Anne!

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