Astronaut Herpes, Sexism in Court, & Keep Boycotting Chik Fil A

Democratic Presidential candidate comes out against circumcision. Reddit poster devastated to learn girlfriend faked majority of orgasms in their LTR. Porn performers accuse top agent of fraud and abuse. Something is triggering herpes in astronauts. Meet the woman offered 6 college football scholarships. Inconsistent sizing of women’s clothes called out in viral post. Sexism in Italy’s courts noted after terrible rulings.

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Ohio Girl Scouts fight to put tampon locker in school bathroom. Unsurprisingly, Tumblr traffic plummets after adult content ban. FDA approves first post-partum depression drug. I was on WHYY talking about buying sex toys. Sex workers feel excluded from the #MeToo movement. A fertility doctor’s horrible secret. Women’s pain is different from men’s- drugs could be too. Why you should continue to boycott Chik Fil A.

Hat tip to Griff, Anne!

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