NRA Sides With Stalkers, 1st HIV Positive Organ Transplant, & FB’s Brainwashing Ads

Not the Onion: NASA cancels all-woman space walk due to lack of space suits in the right size. Florida bill would require judges to rule on the maturity of teens seeking abortion. The first trans and non-binary inclusive stock photo site. NRA pushes back against Violence Against Women Act, protecting stalkers and abusers. A massive data base of abuse shows the number of times churches have chosen public perception over the safety of children.

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US performs first organ transplant from person living with HIV. Women crave sexual variety in long term relationships. How FB is helping husbands ‘brainwash’ their wives with targeted ads.  Male birth control pill passes human safety tests. Why don’t more American men get vasectomies? Woman with two uteruses gives birth twice within a month. “A guy dumped me because I can’t orgasm.” Brunei to punish adultery and gay sex with stoning.

Hat tip to Darryl, Anne, Shannon, Michael!

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One thought on “NRA Sides With Stalkers, 1st HIV Positive Organ Transplant, & FB’s Brainwashing Ads

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