Airbnb Hidden Cameras, Georgia’s Absurd Abortion Law, & Ariana Grande Might Be Bi

My latest for Philly Weekly: the trend of drag queen story time! Sunday was Trans Day of Visibility! Misconduct allegations against Joe Biden and then another one.  How much prenatal genetic information do you really want? Airbnb has a hidden camera problem. Georgia passes absurd new abortion law. Watch animated data about speeds of relationships heading towards marriage, over time. Banning trans girls from sports is neither feminist nor legal.

Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member. Honeygasm is April 7th featuring the incredible lineup of Fem Appeal, Arwen Evelyn and Kay la Vie. Check out Do Both, the show that combines lightning talks and burlesque on its tour of NOLA (04/19), Philly (04/20) Boston (04/26), and more! DTF Darryl and Timaree Fun Hour is back 04/12 featuring an awesome panel of Rachael Rose and Lamar Todd.

Number of Americans not having sex reaches record high. Therapist’s excellent reply to: “My wife is pregnant with a child neither of us wants.” Slovakia elects first woman President. Girls at North Carolina school were required to wear skirts to “preserve chivalry,” they sued and won. America’s forgotten mass imprisonment of ‘sexually immoral’ women. Ariana Grande talking about sexuality is causing a kerfuffle. Cute new video about teens, disability, sexuality. Native Americans push for return to understanding gender as was in the past. Exploring holistic sexuality in the Black church with previous SWT podcast guest Lacette Cross.

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