The Appeal of Tying People Up: A Conversation with Rope Artist Spencer

Why do some people love to be bound and others love to bind them? If you’re interested in trying either of them, how do you get started? What kind of conversations are necessary before working with a new rope partner? Is it always sexual to be tied up in rope by someone?

These are some of the questions we explore in this fun conversation with Spencer, aka TakeaBight. He can be found tying around the Philly and Delaware area parties like Pleasurecation and Asylum 13.

We talk about his personal journey into rope, resources for learning more about ropeplay and we discuss the need for aftercare for tops and doms, as well as for subs.

Questions? Comments? Violent reactions? Email sexwithtimaree@gmail.com or tweet @timaree_leigh See more: http://www.facebook.com/sexwithtimaree and http://tinyurl.com/swtpod

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