Uncomfortable Shoulder Rubs, Tickle Torture, & Relationship Benefits of Spooning

Support of LGBT rights is dropping among young Republicans. How not to talk about uncomfortable shoulder rubs. Study on smoking weed and women’s orgasms. Sex workers’ rights advocates of the 19th century. The art of tickle torture.  What do you need to know about STIs on the rise? What if you were your real, authentic self during sex? “I’m thinking of transitioning but not on board with all LGBT rights.” The queer-owned, all-woman weed service. Rela, a Chinese lesbian dating site, exposes the data of 5 million users.

Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member. Honeygasm is SUNDAY April 7th featuring the incredible lineup of Fem Appeal, Arwen Evelyn and Kay la Vie. Check out Do Both, the show that combines lightning talks and burlesque on its tour of NOLA (04/19), Philly (04/20) Boston (04/26), and more! DTF Darryl and Timaree Fun Hour is back 04/12 featuring an awesome panel of Rachael Rose and Lamar Todd.

Whoops- this redditor thought a family divorce announcement was an April Fools Joke. Middle school teacher fired over topless pic she sent her boyfriend that was stolen and released. Chicago elects first Black, lesbian mayor– who happens to be very pro-cop. Defying NRA, Democrats vote to expand Violence Against Women Act. Why spooning after sex might be good for your relationship. Hacker Eva Galperin takes on stalkerware. Unplanned is the MAGA of movies.

Hat tip to Paul, Daniel, Darryl!

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