Claire’s and Consent, 5D Cinema, & LGBT Affirming Clergy

The doctor attempting to give FGM victims their orgasms back. Ways we get consent that have nothing to do with sex. An open letter to Claire’s jewelry store about kids, piercings and consent. America’s leaders need sexuality education. ICE has more accusations of sexual abuse against it than any other DHS department. Why are people obsessed with Arianna Grande’s bisexuality in songs? An energy drink was banned after it was found to contain Viagra.

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Amsterdam opens 5D porn cinema with water jets, air cannons and bounce chairs. Congress held the first hearing on the Equality Act, Republicans made it all about trans people for some reason. My latest for Philly Weekly showcases sex-positive LGBT-affirming Christian clergy. Rwandan rape survivors and their children, 25 years later. Bringing vibrators into your life. The math behind successful relationships.

Hat Darryl!

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