Death Penalty for Abortion Proposed and the Poorly Thought Out Consent Condom

Suspension urged for judge who told woman “close your legs.” “I kept falling in love with other people.” Texas lawmakers consider death penalty for abortion.  Clitoral anatomy suggests dolphins have sex for pleasure. The Slutbot is here to teach you about proper sexting. House passes net neutrality protections. Tasmania is the first state to make gender optional on birth certificates. South Korea strikes down decades old abortion ban.

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 “Consent condom” that requires four hands totally misses the point. Straight men are apparently using Grindr to meet trans women. Clearly not an expert on the subject, the Pope claims the sexual revolution is responsible for the sex abuse crisis in his church. People are finally starting to understand the intricacies of consent and touch. GOT’s John Bradley opens up about his body image. Arizona governor signs anti-LGBT education law.

Hat tip to Erica, Rachael!

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