Cuba Gives Out PrEP, Tips for Long Distance Relationships, & Teen Dating Violence Rates

Cuba just started giving PrEP away to those in need. What research says about cheating and infidelity. Hospitals blame women when childbirth goes wrong but the data doesn’t support that. Game of Thrones fans in China beg for final season to be uncensored. What drugs do people like to mix with sex? Frogs can change their sex more often than we thought. Tips for people in long distance relationships. How does sex change after marriage? More sex and relationship podcasts to check out. Joy of sex after gender confirmation surgery.

Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member. Check out Do Both, the show that combines lightning talks and burlesque on its tour of NOLA (04/19), Philly (04/20) Boston (04/26), and more! Check out the 3rd anniversary of 6SEX6, the metal/burlesque/BDSM experience on April 30th at Raven Lounge.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina does the sex talk. 1 in 13 boys has sex before the age of 13, study finds. Where has all the good sex gone in YA novels? Indian court rules sex on the false pretext of marriage is rape. Jezebel explores internet sex work and real women’s experiences. Teen dating violence can lead to homicide and the most common victims are girls. Country’s only Black all-male college to admit trans students. Indonesian woman publicly caned for sex outside wedlock. What has science taught us about sexual attraction?

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