Life Sentence For Killing Rapist?, Miscarriages Among Teens, & Health Outcomes for Bi People

Senator introduces ban on taxpayer funds for harmful ‘conversion therapy.’ One #Exvangelical’s story of falling in love after divorce. Stacey Abrams says the country has an obligation to keep sex workers safe. What are the many things that sex can mean to us? Alabama woman faces life sentence for killing the man she says brutally raped her. Why should miscarriages be covered in sex ed lessons? Dear cis people who put your gender on your name tags.

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 The challenges of having sex as a little person. What research shows us about fantasies about and acting on group sex. SCOTUS just took on some big LGBTQ rights cases. Research shows how alienation from both straight and gay culture lead to negative health outcomes for bi people. 5 sex positive blogs to check out. What can America learn from Pete Buttigieg’s coming out story? “Seeing Being Seen” exhibit in Phoenix. What are the biggest misconceptions people have about sex?

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