Banning Child Drag, PrEP in the ER, & Crystal Healing Dildos

To no one’s surprise Trump’s pick for the Federal Reserve is a sexist asshat. My latest piece for Philly Weekly looks at the subjective experiences and scientific truths about weed and sex. Ohio legislature moves to ban child drag. Doctors can legally inseminate clients with their own sperm in most states still. Study finds British and Japanese cultures have similar rules about touching. Episcopal Hospital starts PrEP in the ER.

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Crystal healing dildos? Ugandan President wants to ban oral sex– says the mouth is for eating. New drug might be better than Truvada. What’s the DNA of desire and how does the “born this way” narrative hold us back? Girl expelled for kneeing boys in the crotch who barged into the girls bathroom as transphobic “protest.” The dance of 41 in Mexico’s gay history. The UK Womens Equality Party covertly filmed strippers without their knowledge to “save them.”

Hat tip to Shannon, Darryl, Anne, Rachel, and Farrah!

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