Tearoom Trade, Single Stall Bathrooms, & Daddy Fetishes

Kansas Supreme Court issues sweeping decision protecting abortion rights. BDSM isn’t torture, but the new show Bonding sure is. Valedictorian of Utah’s most homophobic university comes out in graduation speech. Watch privilege work: lobbyist crusades to change Title IX after his son is expelled for sexual assault. Trump makes blatant lie about NICU’s and infanticide, so a bereavement team nurse corrects him in a heartbreaking thread.

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Tearoom trade and the study of sex in public spaces. Baltimore bill would require all single stall bathrooms to go gender neutral. NYC launches PrEP awareness campaign aimed at Black and Latinx women. Why do some women have daddy fetishes? Far right smear merchants try to invent sexual assault claims against Pete Buttigieg. Deafness and erotic dinner parties.

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