Caster Semenya, Being Aromantic, & Verizon Looks to Offload Ruined Tumblr

Runner Caster Semenya loses legal case with IAAF over testosterone levels, which is bad on many levels. Child marriage and divorce in the United States. What is asexuality and how is it different from being aromantic? Making laws about sex by deception. AOC blasts the Labor Secretary who doesn’t understand contraceptives but thinks he should curtail access to them. Reports of sexual assault in the military spike.

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Verizon looks to offload Tumblr after completely ruining it. New Trump rule allows sex negative medical professionals to get out of doing their jobs. Swarthmore fraternities disband after leaked documents reference “rape attic.” Spanish far-right party’s anti-LGBT tweet makes star of tiny gay ghost. ABCs of LGBT history mandated for more public schools.

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