LGBT-Friendly Mosque, Dr Ruth’s Impact, & Georgia Criminalizes Abortion

“My LGBT-friendly mosque saved me from being radicalized.” Dr Ruth changes the way America talked about sex. Do superhero movies negatively impact kids’ understanding of sexuality, bodies and gender? FDA will not ban textured breast implants at this time. What’s the truth about the “oral sex gap?” More research shows sexual preferences change over time. American couples are more likely to divorce if the wife makes more than the husband. Oh hey, Minnesota finally made marital rape illegal. The media’s responsibility to survivors in the era of #MeToo. How anti-choicers are weaponing zoning regulations.

Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member. DTF is off this month but will be back in June with an extra big anniversary show featuring GirlPoop! SEXx Interactive is back with its annual event May 17 at Ruba Club. 6SEX6 the juicy metal burlesque BDSM monthly, is Tuesday May 28th.

The future is non-binary and teens are leading the way. Sex with Timaree was named as one of the best Philadelphia podcasts. Men have no friends and women bear the burden. How having kids can ruin a romantic relationship. Georgia just criminalized abortion– women may face life in prison. NYC sex workers rally in capitol for decriminalization bills. Scottish parliament agrees census can ask questions about orientation and trans gender identity.  

Hat tip to Shannon, Darryl, Jaime, Erica!

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