The Myth of Complicated Female Sexuality, PornHub Won’t Save Tumblr, & Seeking Black Sperm Donors

Are you fated to repeat relationship mistakes?  Washington state strippers are getting workplace protections. “I married the only woman I’ve slept with– now I feel like I’m missing out.” Reductress: How I stopped getting unwanted attention from men by running for president.” GOT will end with only one female director and 2 female writers over the entire span of the show. The enduring myth of ‘complicated’ female sexuality.  Did the Fallwells support Trump to keep racy photos from surfacing?

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Terrible idea: Florida legislators approve database tracking people who have paid for sex. Don’t expect Pornhub to save Tumblr or sex workers. Consumer technology Association “unrevokes” robotics prize for sex toy. Arizona passes bill declaring porn a public health crisis. Brunei says it won’t stone gay people to death after outcry. Does sharing a womb with a boy hurt female twins? Desperately seeking a Black sperm donor. Charges dropped against Florida man for “I Eat Ass” car sticker.

Hat tip to Sara, Dvora, Erica, Shannon, Darryl

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