Balloon Fetish, Autosexuals, & HUD Discriminates Against Trans People

A beginner’s guide to balloon fetish. Man kicked out of Royal Navy for being gay sues to get medals back. Tackling India’s sexual violence epidemic starts with sex education. “How owning my sexuality transformed my career.” Books about sexuality released in 2019. What does it mean to be autosexual? The massive sextech industry is more than robots. Mississippi legislator arrested for punching wife for undressing too slowly- days after he voted for Draconian abortion ban.

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HUD will allow for discrimination against trans people, which will cause homelessness and death. Why isn’t Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill yet? A guide to pride merch that actually gives back to the LGBT community. Allyson Felix’s op ed about pregnancy, Nike and gender parity. Disability rights, abortion, #MeToo and heartbeat bills. “I can’t hate my body if I love hers”- a meditation on body image and queer love.

Hat tip to Erica, Griff!

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