L Word Reboot, French Kissing, & Instagram’s “Close Friends” Function

My latest for Philly Weekly is a basic quiz on reproduction that all the anti-choice lawmakers should have to take. Gillette ad features dad helping trans son shave for the first time. New L Word reboot has a name and not many more details. How to French kiss. Hands-free masturbation techniques. Kenya’s high court upholds law criminalizing gay sex. “When I couldn’t tell the world I wanted to transition, I went to Dress Barn.”

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How Instagram’s “Close Friends” function is helping queer kids open up. How abortion bans uphold white patriarchy. Why abstinence-only sexuality education is a big problem. Movies are getting better at lesbian and gay representation, but still are bad for trans folks or lgbt kids. Why are so many women dying in “sex games gone wrong?” Trafficked wives and the horrific unanticipated consequences of China’s skewed gender numbers.

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