WOC-centered Kink Spaces: a Conversation about Haux Hive with @SlutOfTheMonth

“When folks talk about kink spaces, about BDSM and the ‘alternative lifestyle’ spaces, the faces you usually see associated wit that are white cis people, assumed heterosexual people… What started out as an online community of Black women talking about their sex lives, curiosities and fetishes. It became a conversation about ‘how do we learn and explore and interact in person in a way that’s safe for us?” What tends to happen when we go into kink spaces is that we are fetishized, sexualized and we are preyed upon and it’s not comfortable.”

These are the words of the wise and sex positive poet, presenter and pro-haux artist Jennifer Eden, also known as Slut of the Month (a moniker she received from no less than Amber Rose herself) talking about her work with the Haux Hive, a DC-based “safe, sex positive space for free people.”

We chat about her work with this party, making play spaces for everyone, centering women of color, what TV shows we’re binging and a whole lot more.

Questions? Comments? Violent reactions? Email sexwithtimaree@gmail.com or tweet @timaree_leigh See more: http://www.facebook.com/sexwithtimaree and http://tinyurl.com/swtpod

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