TV Fails to Cover Trump’s Homophobia, The Shoulder Patrol Priest, & Miley Cyrus Rips Off Another Artist

TV networks failed to cover the Trump administration’s attacks on the LGBT community. Douchebag priest gets deserved heat for telling women to cover their shoulders and making transphobic remarks. Japanese women fight to end professional dress codes that require high heels. Whoops: these children were conceived through the wrong donated sperm. YouTube decides homophobic harassment doesn’t violate its policies. Joe Biden is still problematic about abortion rights.

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Artist Jex Blackmore on Satanism, ending forced motherhood and her split with the Satanic Temple. It’s time for men to step up their responsibility for birth control. The struggle when men are sexually assaulted by women.  Miley Cyrus rips off another woman artist in her fruit-fingering album art. How YouTube unintentionally created a playground for pedophiles. What kinds of porn do men and women watch most often?

Hat tip to Shannon!

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