LGBT-Friendly Video Games, #DisabilityPride, & a SFW History of Tentacle Porn

Women’s and men’s opinions on abortion rights are closer than on most political issues. Authoritarian President of the Philippines says he cured himself of being gay. LGBT friendly video games.  After abuse allegations, introduces consent documents.  This Pride season, help the radical left reclaim the legacy of Stonewall. Missouri law requires invasive, unnecessary vaginal probing of women seeking abortion. My latest for Philly Weekly are on Disability Pride events this week and whether kinks should be welcome at Pride.

Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member. DTF is FRIDAY and features an extra big 6th anniversary show featuring GirlPoop! Lehigh Valley: take Burlesque 101 with HoneyTree EvilEye June 22nd. I’ll be speaking at Science After Hours: Pride edition on June 25th. 6SEX6 metal/BDSM/burlesque is June 25th! The Golden Tassel Jawns, the annual fundraising awards show for the Philly burlesque community is June 29th. Take Intro to GoGo with HoneyTree EvilEye July 14th at the Philadelphia Burlesque Academy.

How many Americans have paid for sex before? For Republicans, life begins at conception unless it’s inconvenient to them. Noted science-ignorers at the Vatican don’t believe in gender identity. Why sex work should be decriminalized around the globe. A SFW history of tentacle porn. An interview with the head of UN Women.

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