Is Philly the Queerest City? A Conversation with My Gay Agenda Podcast

Last time we talked to CJ of My Gay Agenda podcast, the show was very new and figuring out what it was about. CJ was also personally having a similar journey of gender self-exploration.

Boy oh boy did everything get gayer.

This time we chatted with CJ and their co-host Jenn about about what they’ve learned doing the show and also managed to discuss: why Philly is the gayest city, our greatest irrational fears, Kylo Ren and John Wick, Cher, Fried Green Tomatoes, Rocky Horror, Tim Curry, That Horse in The NeverEnding Story, non-binary old people, and more! 

Questions? Comments? Violent reactions? Email sexwithtimaree@gmail.com or tweet @timaree_leigh See more: http://www.facebook.com/sexwithtimaree and http://tinyurl.com/swtpod

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