FDA Approves Female Libido Drug, Remembering Upstairs Lounge Massacre, & SCOTUS Ends “Scandalous” Trademark Ban

Total wanker sues brewpub for sex discrimination because he couldn’t order a beer that was specifically marketed to highlight the gender pay gap. Elizbeth Warren says she’s open to decriminalizing sex work. Why HR is bad at handling discrimination and harassment. Author E Jean Carroll is the latest woman to accuse Trump of sexual assault. FDA approves drug for low female desire. Some say FDA erred in approving new female libido drug, don’t reward Palatin. Remembering the Upstairs Lounge massacre.

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How men’s bodies change as they become dads. SCOTUS knocks down federal law banning “scandalous” trademarks. Fewer young people are accepting of LGBT. The unintended consequences of the contraceptive mandate.  A new HIV strategy of daily drugs in sub-Saharan Africa. Sailor Moon and the queer art of questioning sexuality and gender. RIP romance novel author Judith Krantz. Taking Pride in STEM. The founders of the first wedding magazine for queer women.

Hat tip to Kristen, Anne!

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