HPV Vaccine for Adults, Intimacy Choreography, & Lil Nas X Comes Out

50 years of progress in Philly police treatment of trans people. Being diagnosed with HIV during Pride month and learning resilience. Woman charged with manslaughter after she is shot in stomach and loses pregnancy. Alabamanians defend the decision. CDC expands recommendations for HPV vaccine for all genders through age 26 and beyond. Theater increasingly turning to intimacy directors to handle choregraphing love scenes on stage. What is penis shrinkage and why does it happen?

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How long does it take men and women in relationships to orgasm? Australia’s LGBT-only island. Dalai Lama says a female successor would need to be attractive. How vasectomies effect sex lives. Lil Nas X seemingly comes out. The science of real and fake smiles. Ultra-Orthodox rabbi bans girls over 5 from riding bikes because “it’s too provocative.” How one mom changed parents’ minds across the world about their gay children.

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