NY Bans Gay Panic Defense, Friendships Are Work, & What is Microcheating?

Women have better sex under socialism. NY to finally ban “gay panic” defense. HER app will give many sexuality, pronoun options. Biochemist crowned Miss Virginia after performing science experiment as talent. Reporting a rape in immigration jail. Researcher eliminate HIV from DNA of living animals. Teenager admits to rape but is given lenient sentence by judge because he comes from a good family. Friendships are work and they’re worth it. The Playboy interview with Tarana Burke, creator of #MeToo.  

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Caster Semenya and the problem with sex testing in sports. Russian teen sisters charged with killing abusive father, highlighting issue of how system fails to address domestic violence. What will it take to get a woman President in the US? Kissing is not universal across cultures. How drag kings have shaped queer culture. MTV has a new sexually fluid dating show. 5 couples who are deaf sign up for CRISPR technology to avoid having deaf children. Trump’s gay press secretary. What is microcheating? What’s the political role of the gay bar in 2019? Congrats to USA Women’s National Soccer Team and to Title IX for making it possible.

Hat tip to Darryl, Rachael!

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