Unconcious Pelvic Exams, Gender and Language, & When Dressing in Drag Was Illegal

Med students are still doing pelvic exams on unconscious, un-consenting patients. What you lose when you gain a spouse. “The BPD symptom that makes me question my sexuality.” Pole dancing and exploring bisexuality in dating. Megan Rapinoe is the first out lesbian to pose for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. How the world’s languages handle gender issues. Couple is suing fertility clinic after giving birth to kids made from strangers’ embryos. The glossary of happiness. Alberta’s new conservative government rethinks gay-straight student alliances. GOP governor candidate refuses to be alone with women, including reporters, claims “Christian values.”

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Oldie but goodie: female masturbation can open a portal to hell. What we don’t talk about when we talk about porn. What are kids learning in sex ed these days? Your brain on BDSM– why getting spanked can get you high. When dressing in drag was illegal. A day in the life of a legal pimp who is also a mom. Lessons from our elders about Stonewall. Empathy is now being taught in Danish schools. Head of NIH will only speak at conferences that demonstrate commitment to diverse panels. Essential rules for beginner butt sex. Why are trans women dying at the border?

Hat tip to April, Anne, Rachael, Kat, Jesse!

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